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27 De Febrero Next To Churchill Av 72, Santo Domingo De Guzmán, Distrito Nacional
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Call Center

		D's Leone Call Center 
This is for people who are motivated to provide excellent customer experience, I believe in you, you will get a 300 dollar with my reference but you just need to send me an email with phone number and name and I will call you. You might be able to make up to 45,000 per month, transportation door to door, not experience needed, you just need to tell me the reason why Will I choose you and tell me how would you contribute to improve the people life in this business. Greatness starts with you, so look inside you and tell me you believe in you are a great English Speaker and you are able to accomplish great things. And don't be afraid, I was afraid to speak and now I have experience and have been able to meet great people because I tried. 
I see you are looking for a job, but what about a job you don't want to miss a day of work, believe it or not, here we got it. You can get 300 dollars plus a salary up 45,000 pesos per month, remember you need to type, give support, not selling anything, just be kind and polite, talk in a good manner, give cotorra to the customer from Samsung, Acer, MLB or Verizon. 
So if you think you can do it, send me an email with your name and phone number, we will call you as soon as possible, limited timed period for this offer, send me why you want to work here ? :). 
We also have two game rooms with Play stations, game machines, and Wii so you can play for free, as much as you wish, day care, play ground for your children, study room and much more. For the interview you will need the Curriculum Vitae in English, copy of your id and High school diploma


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